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Madeline Burkard Joins Blue House as Intern

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I’m a new intern at Blue House as of September and the working world is totally new to me. I had virtually no idea what to expect upon graduating college. Like most people my age, having attended a four-year university with multitudes of other people just like me, the “real world” loomed as a dark, ominous cloud of doom, impending upon my free spirited college soul. I don’t think I was alone in that I dreaded the idea of 9-5, 40-hour workweeks, car payments etc. Honestly, the realist responsibility I’d had up until then was making sure my landlord, Muhammad didn’t give us a “keg fine” for the previous weekend’s events.

In truth, I was spoiled—I had my meal plan, and virtual money with which I would order pizza on late weekend nights. The extent of my nutrition and budget planning involved me calculating whether I had enough to get a side salad with my Tutti Gusti calzones. And while I may be an extreme example, is not a stretch to say that most of us were fairly care free when it came to our undergraduate careers and the biggest question in our lives was what subject to major in. We had a built-in community, and looking back, I realize how undervalued it was. No one tells you your friends will be harder to get in contact with now that you all have jobs, and that the close-knit group vibe you had going on will slowly wither away.

Granted, we all knew graduation was coming, somehow none of us could fully prepare for the chasm of unknown lying beyond.

And then one day you realize you have to move on. You have to build your own new community, and it takes time. Graduating and moving on with your life doesn’t happen over night, and neither does growing up. So far, I am happy just to be experiencing a workplace within the industry I had studied- music. And maybe that’s the key. Once you find your niche and field, you are supposed to give it 100% every day until it becomes your new community. And while I’ve only been interning at Blue House productions a few months, I can already sense the community vibe it posesses. People come and go to record as if they are life long friends of the studio, and some of them truly are.
A place that can withstand the test of time and still bring something new to the table is rare, and should be valued. As for me, I’m just happy to have an opportunity to contribute.

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