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Blue House Loves the Cello.
It has been said of the cello that it ‘is the instrument that most closely resembles the human voice in both terms of timbre and range.’ Out of all of the instruments in the string family, none other has such a pleasant  and workable range, and because of that, our love affair with the instrument closely rivals the one we share with great singing.

At Blue House, we pride ourselves on our vocal and string coaching abilities, and we wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate our wonderful cello artist and ensembles.

Of all of our cellist clients, Tanya Annisimova stands in a league of her own.  She has recorded the Bach cello suites in their entirety with us, as well as original works and a few cello sonatas. You can see her playing on our clients page, as well as her own website tanyaanisimova.com.
Another notable cello-centric project that we work with regularly is the adult amateur group Cello Speak.  They meet at Bryn Mawr College (just outside of Philadelphia, PA) every year for two weeks of intensive study with professors and professional musicians to have lessons, ensemble instruction, and a musical community that adult beginners would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.  The workshop ends with a performance on the last night, which Blue House records and films with multiple HD cameras to ensure every performer has the opportunity to look back on their time at Cello Speak with crystal clear sound and picture.
Another notable cellist here is our very own Director of Photography and Audio Engineer, Domenic Sabol. He often writes arrangements for clients, performs on their projects, or simply offers the experience necessary help realize the best possible rendering of their playing.
Take a look around our website and see for yourself how working with Blue House Productions as a string player can help you with your next project.


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