Josh Nasar records Voice Overs at Blue House

Josh Nasar Records Voice Overs at Blue House

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So a comic walks into a our Blue House Productions’ recording studio in Maryland… No, this is not a pun! Josh Nasar, best known for his comedy and acting skills used our Silver Spring facilities in order to record a few Voice Overs for his show on Discovery Channel. Jeff Gruber had the honor of working hands on with Nasar for nearly two hours to perfect the V.O.’s you may soon be hearing on “What’s My Car Worth?” Though he was scheduled to be on vacation, he made time to make his way out to Silver Spring and lay down the voice overs with no complaints! That speaks volumes to his dedication to his craft.

For those of you who do not know Nasar on a personal level, he truly is a car enthusiast (as his current job suggests) with a sense of true professionalism when he steps up to the mic. With each pass of the script, Nasar changed his tone and inflection to ensure that there were a variety of options for post-production.

It was a pleasure to work with an individual of Nasar’s caliber. His experience in the studio shown through in the final project. We here at Blue House look forward to the possibility of working with Josh Nasar and other similar voice over artists in the future.