Recording Studio news – Nico Sarbanes records at Blue House Productions

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Blue House recording studio welcomes jazz trumpeter Nico Sarbanes.

He was recording his prescreening material for the Monk competition. He is the latest in the long line of Monk Competition entrants using the Blue House recording studio. Nico is an amazingly gifted musician, you can hear it in his playing below, this kid has some serious chops but is amazingly tasteful in his soloing and interpretations. Also watch the short little interview we filmed here at the recording studio, he talks about his schooling, his influences and his favorite records. Recording with Nico at our Silver Spring studio were some of the best young jazz musicians in the Washington DC area. Aaron Seeber on drums, Blake Meister on bass, and Jake Silverman on piano.

Our mission is always, great fidelity and a great performance. To make the best sounding recordings and get the best sound out of our clients. All Blue House engineers are also musicians who hear pitch and rhythm and read music. Blue House Productions has received accolades in major music publications including Down Beat and Jazz Times. Many of our artists have ranked on national music charts.

Blue House Productions can do your audition recording as well. Check out these links of other musicians that have used us to record their material as well.  We also have a have sound stage with an amazing custom yamaha and theater lighting for any video production projects that you may dream of.

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