Top 3 Things To Know Before Making An Album

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We Here At Blue House have helped many artists turn their vision into a great album. Through the years, however, we have seen many mishaps in the album recording process that impacts the overall finished product. So to save you time, heartache, and maybe some money, here are the Top 3 Things To Know Before Making An Album.



More often than not, making an album takes longer than expected. Recording an album is a lengthy process. However, mixing and mastering  an album are their own processes and is something that should not be rushed. If this is an album that will be heard by record labels, your fans, family and friends, then you will be much happier taking the time to pay attention to all of the details that will make your album great!



Finances can make or break an album. Costs can easily add up if you are not prepared for it. Typically, the cost for making an album includes studio time, mixing, mastering and the cost for hiring musicians. Additional costs could include duplication and any other promotional fees (marketing, PR and any fees for promotional events).

A great way to help with the financial cost of making an album is through crowd funding. Through sites like GoFundMe and IndieGogo you can ignite your fan base to support a your project to make them feel like they were part of the process.  Getting a hold of your finances before you make an album will save you time in the long run.



So, you have finally booked studio time to record an album. Yay! While it can be tempting to walk into a recording studio and just record your album, you should know what materials you are working with before you enter. Some questions to consider are:

  • Do I want my own compositions or have a producer make my music?
  • Do I have the correct arrangements to my music?
  • Do I have the correct instruments to make this album? If so, are they properly tuned for recording?
  • Do I need to hire musicians and background vocalists? If so, how much will they cost?
  • Do I have all of the music files saved on a hard drive (NOT a CD) so that it will be easier for the engineer to convert?

Preparation is key. Knowing all of these things beforehand will make sure that the album making process will be a much more rewarding experience for you and your fans.