Webcasting Services

Use our location or yours: Blue House Productions has a soundstage and studio convenient to the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas with both television and theatrical style lighting, a multi camera switcher, up to 5 HD cameras professional audio equipment and a high bandwidth internet connection.  Our team of conscientious and diligent professionals can help step up your event or conference to a new level.  Taking the time to consider lighting and sound reinforcement ahead of schedule will make your event run smoother and more polished.  Outsource these needs to Blue House professionals and let us handle the rest. Further, if need be, we can establish a webcasting set, if and when the need arises.  Webcasting allows a live feed of any event to be accessed remotely.  Webcasting is perfect for those events that need synchronizing.  Need a panel session video conferenced in?  Webcasting is your answer.  Want to follow a live event during your annual company meeting?  We can and will accommodate these needs.

We’re ready to webcast events of any size or type , including:

• Press conferences
• Panel discussions
• Annual meetings
• Policy briefings

• Trainings and webinars
• Lectures and seminars
• Trade Shows and Events
• Artistic events including concerts and theatrical and television productions

Our Features Include:

• Multiple camera angles
• Logo and branding in the video
• Names and affiliations of presenters displayed in-stream, in real-time
• Slides, PowerPoint presentations or pre-recorded videos in full-screen or split-screen mode

• Embeddable flash video player that can be placed on any website
• Compatibility with PCs, Macs and all major browsers
• Event recording, available online within one day of the event
• Real-time Q&A that meets your needs – you have total control over what questions appear

Webcasting is not expensive, give us a call for a custom quote!

Sample Webcast

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