Recording Studio Maryland

     We are a team of professionals working in an equipped environment that is optimal for recording, mixing, and mastering live sound. From local theatre acts to full steel drum orchestras, our experience is as varied as it is thorough.  The two locations, our Silver Spring and Kensington studios provide ample space for whatever options suit your needs. 

     From our home studio in Silver Spring, we have developed live acts and honed our skill set for a  more intimate sound. To benefit from a clean, crisp ambience, try our Kensington location, a fresh, spacious studio decked out in light wood paneling and exquisite oriental rugs.  With our passion and fervor we make you sound perfect today so you don’t have to make excuses tomorrow.  Contact to book a session today.

Video Production Washington DC

    Video Production Washington DC 

At Blue House productions we take time and pride in our video filming and editing.  We have excellent editors who seek out the client’s true vision. Our mission with video production Maryland is to try and gain higher insight into the client’s vision and exceed all expectations, to “squeeze more” out of the proverbial stone.  

     Video Production Washington DC
We achieve results by finding more of what the vision itself entails and demonstrating a bright perspective into what you seek to achieve in the final product.   From narrative pieces to full-scale music videos, we are more than capable of accommodating your needs.  Again, our diligence makes you look perfect today so you don’t make excuses tomorrow. Contact us today.


Use our team of professionals for your next live event.  Our experts assist with HD video event coverage complete with webcasting if necessary.  Lights, cameras, and your actions can be caught on film, audio, or both depending on preference.  

Live sound reinforcement records your event in a professional, mixed and mastered mechanical copy, while our video production team can put the finishing touches on your professional video shoot.  Contact us today for booking.


If you record an audio or video track with our team we can also assist in the duplication process for mass production.  Whatever amount necessary we can and will meet the demands of your duplication needs.  Further, we can supply bulk duplication for pre-made internal CDs and DVDs as well.

Taking the time and energy to mass produce CDs and DVDs can be a hassle, outsource your duplication needs to the Blue House team today.