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Microphones, instruments and voices are the snowflakes of the audio world.  No two are the same.  

A microphone that works wonderfully on one source has just as great of a chance of totally not working on another.

That’s where variety comes in. We have a huge collection of the worlds finest microphones.  Be it tube, condenser, ribbon, dynamic, large diaphragm or small we have something that will work beautifully on every voice and instrument. More importantly we have the knowledge and ears to know the right combination for you. We have enough of these legendary microphones for any size group!  Come check out what having the perfect matching microphone can do for you!


Large Diaphragm Condenser

  • Neumann           U87       (x6)
  • Neumann           TLM170 (x2)
  • AKG                   C12VR  (x2)
  • AKG                   C 414b  (x2)
  • AKG                   Solidtube
  • Stam                  SA – 47  (Neumann U47 handmade clone)
  • Stam                  SA – 47F (Neumann U47fet handmade clone)
  • Stam                  SA800   (Sony C800g handmade clone)
  • Lawson               L47MP
  • Warm Audio        WA-47
  • Audio Technica  AT4050 (x2)
  • Blue                   Dragonfly

Small Diaphragm Condenser

  • Neumann               KM84   (x4)
  • Neumann               KM184 (x3)
  • Neumann               KM64   (x2)
  • DPA                        4006    (x3)
  • DPA                        4099
  • Sennheiser             MKH800 twin  (x2)
  • sE electronics         RN-17  (x2)
  • Shure                      SM81   (x4)
  • Audio Technica       atm350 (x2)

Ribbon Microphones

  • Royer                   122  (x4)
  • AEA                      R84  (x2)
  • Coles                    4038 (x2)
  • RCA                      77BX  
  • Fostex                   RP88 (x2)
  • Cascade               Fathead  (x7)  

Dynamic Microphones

  • Sennheiser            421 X(4) 
  • Sennheiser            441 X(2) 
  • Electrovoice          RE 20 (x2)
  • Electrovoice          ND408B (x4)
  • AKG                      D112   (x3)
  • Shure                    SM7b
  • Shure                    SM 57  (x8)
  • Shure                    SM 58  (8)
  • Shure                    SM 58 Wireless   (x9)

Hand Held Condenser Microphone

  • DPA                      d:facto
  • Shure                   SM87c (x2)

Stereo Microphones

  • Neumann             SM2

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