Corporate / Voiceover Recordings

In an over saturated economy, learn to cut through the noise with professional quality video marketing.  Blue House Productions offers corporate recordings and voiceover recordings.  Perfect for B2B or PSA’s, video marketing can take your business or creative endeavours to the next level.  Learn to market to a specific audience in a polished format with our experienced professionals.  Our audio/visual team can assist you in honing your video marketing skills.  Further, the value of a PSA in radio and television is a severely underrated marketing tool.  Positive association with your brand or organisation goes a long way in this modern day.  The ability to rent space in an audience’s mind is an invaluable and untapped form of currency in a microwave society such as that of today’s.  Learning how to develop and maintain a client base through target marketing will help any entrepreneur or artist.  Our team of audio/visual sound engineers and marketing specialists will help you perfect your product.  Check out some of our previous corporate work below.

Voiceover Video Samples