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At Blue House Productions one of our specialities is Live Event and Concert recording. As a team, we have over 20 years of experience recording live shows and performances, all with spectacular results. Our mobile recording studio rigs offer up to 48 discreet channels of audio recording and 8 cameras of superb HD video recording. We use the same microphones and preamps for live recording as we do in the studio. With our equipment you benefit from an excellent selection of mics such as Neumann U87s, Royer 122s, Neumann KM84s, and AKG C12VRs. Book an appointment with our professional sound engineers and we do the rest.  Our services include live sound reinforcement, live webcasting services for conventions, meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars.  We can also assists with projection audio, video recording, and even CD/DVD duplication. Each performance or event is thoroughly mixed at the studio, providing stunning results.  Receive professional quality for your event or performance today.


Serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia for over 25 years.

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