We’ve been recording school bands, choirs and orchestras in the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia area for over 20 years.  We are ready to record your theater-drama, school plays, dance even sports. We bring to our school recordings the same professional attitude and attention to quality we offer our professional clients.
We can come to your school, record your live concert, and provide your students and parents with custom-made, professional-looking CDs and DVDs.

We can videotape your concert, using our professional multi-camera system, and produce custom DVDs. Video is an especially good idea if you are doing a musical.
Our CDs or DVDs are beautifully designed in color and professionally packaged, we have a variety of options depending on your needs.

So your auditorium isn’t Carnegie Hall. Don’t worry about it. We have become rather expert at producing good recordings in cafetoriums, atriums, foyers, gymnasiums — even inside band and choir rooms. Wherever you perform, we can record.

We will customize our service to fit your needs and budget.

We also offer pre-screening audition recording services for all music students.