Maryland Concert Recording Company

Blue House Productions is a Maryland concert recording company that helps musical artists and bands with a variety of benefits. Much more than just concert recording, additional features include concert photography, EPKs, logos, video production, and much more.

Professional concert photography and recording are essential because there can be no mistakes. The events are live, so if you hire an amateur and something goes wrong, the recording and other actions cannot be redone. Sure, there may be other shows that can be recorded, but that one show at that particular venue at that specific time is gone forever.

It’s better to hire a professional concert recording company in the first place, so you know that everything will be properly set-up and configured before the concert begins to ensure no issues during the recording process.

Benefits of a Maryland Concert Recording Company

  • Video Production
  • EPK Development
  • Concert Photography
  • Audition Videos
  • Duplication and mass production

Video Production

If you need a very high-quality recording, Blue House Productions can record the concert in the highest quality available to ensure that the audio and video are as clear as possible. Blue House Productions creates a variety of videos including corporate videos, music videos, sports, animated videos, and much more. Businesses may need promotional videos, training videos, or corporate B2B videos, and Blue House Productions is the best concert recording company that can handle this.

EPK Development

Many bands and artists need EPKs to “sell” themselves to a music label or producer. Blue House Productions will work with your band to ensure that the EPK is professional and informative, yet interesting. EPKs contain samples of the band’s best works – MP3s, music videos, etc. Included is typically a short description of the band and its history. EPKs have been the reason many bands find success.

Concert Photography

Capturing great moments on-stage is a great attribute of a professional photographer. Blue House Productions uses only top-of-the-line, high-quality cameras, and equipment. Individual artist shots, band shots, audience shots, special effects – the professional photographers at Blue House Productions captures it all.

Blue House Productions is a superior concert recording company because they use multiple cameras to get the perfect angles of the performance, so that none of the action during the performance is missed.

Audition Videos

Blue House Productions currently has many clients from the Washington DC area who use their services to create audition videos. Audition videos are critical for people who are auditioning for theater and/or musical performance parts. This can include an array of performers including musicians, opera singers, actors/actresses, and many more.

Duplication and mass production

Demos, albums, EPs, and even single songs can be duplicated. These items can also be mass produced. For instance, if a band requires 200 copies of their album to sell at an upcoming show, Blue House Productions can handle that request.

All Blue House Production videos are created using the latest high-quality equipment. Audio is recorded at superior quality, and video is recorded using multiple cameras to catch the action from every angle.


Contact Blue House Productions now to see what a Maryland concert recording company can do for you.