Todd Marcus New Album “Blues For Tahrir” Coming out in September

10500468_10203995653001997_8328625244053795913_nTODD_MARCUSTodd Marcus - medium shot 1 (Gary Young Photography)hqdefault Song Previews From The Album "Blues For Tahrir"
Loide Jorges new album ” In Time” recorded and co-produced by  Jeff Gruber at Blue House Productions in Silver Spring, Maryland is a beautifully crafted mix of great songwriting and world class musicians playing at the top of their game. A mixture of African Grooves, jazz, and beautiful melodies that grooves and tugs at you heartstrings all at the same time.  In her other life Loide Jorge is a immigration lawyer and many of the songs moving stories come directly from her casework. Loide has her roots in Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau though she was born in France and raised in California., Loide’s music is reflective of her own eclectic roots. Loide says that Sarah Vaughn, Miriam Makeba and Cesaria Evora as some of her biggest musical influences, but believes it is her African heritage and her native Portuguese tongue  that has provided her a unique sound. Check out Loide’s website at

The musicians on the album are some of Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia’s finest:

Mongezi Ntaka Guitar

Mark Prince: Drums

Kris Funn: Bass

Janell Gill: Piano

Lena Seikaly : Harmonies and backup vocals

Elise Cuffy: Cello

Brent Birkhead: Flute

Vince Evans: Organ

Cheick Hamala Diabate: Ngoni




An incredible show by Lode Jorge last night in front of a packed house at Blues Alley. Great singing and playing with a wonderful combination of thoughtful songwriting and real jazz. The band was awesome with great soloing from Mark Prince on drums, Michael Bowie on bass, Janell Gill on piano/rhodes and Elise Cuffy on cello
Along with the beautiful dynamic vocals of Ms. Jorge the amazing Lena Seikaly offered up harmony and backup vocals. It was great night ending up with a well deserved standing ovation for artist and band! Make sure you check Loide’s amazing album “In Time” at

Blue House Productions now has multiple 16 channel personal headphone mixers

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Powerplay 16m headphone mixer


Powerplay 16m headphone mixer back


Distribution box

  Headphone mixes are the artists single most imprtant link in the recording chain at a studio.  When you have to rely on some else to make your mix it’s like letting someone drive from the passenger seat.  We have just installed 8  Powerplay m-16s at Blue House Productions recording studio in Silver Spring, Maryland.   They allow the  headphone wearing artist to adjust up to 16 channels of  audio with panning and eq with a sweepable midrange on every channel.  If a musician hears better they play better.   It’s incredibly easy to use and the fidelity is excellent.   The knobs light up to show you where your previous setting were as you switch from channel to channel.  You can even store up to 16 different mixes. There is an adjustable limiter on the master output and the whole thing can mount on a mic stand, music stand or just sit on a flat surface in front of you.  We’ve used them on a couple of sessions and after some brief explanations and letting the artist fiddle around a bit, our engineers have not even heard one peep about the headphone mixes.  If your in this business as a player or an engineer you know how amazing this is.  When you come to Blue house Productions, you’ll have the best sounding headphone mix and=x around and best of all you can make your own  You can check out the specs at  

see them in a recording session at

scroll down to the Akua Allrich blog post and you’ll see them in the pictures

Till next time,

Jeff Gruber