Mark Meadows Records for Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program

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Legendary Jazz musician and performer Mark Meadows has made his presence known at Blue House Productions.

Mark came in to the studio to record this past Tuesday for a rocking, swinging time. When Mark whipped out his tunes everyone started grooving to the vibes of his sick beats. Without a doubt, Mark’s drink of choice is Jazz music. The type of personality and character one can bring to the music is an art form exclusive to this genre, and Mark has certainly made his. Transforming our small, light-wooded studio into a Jazz club with the soul only a Maryland bred boy can bring. Or maybe it’s a bit of Dallas that makes Mark’s music stand out amongst his competitors. The tones of his tickled ivory slipped up the spine and thrilled his band to keep on bumpin’. That’s right, Mark showed off his skills on the piano for our blue house team, and he certainly didn’t miss his mark.
His “young lions” as he calls them, had a great time playing music and trying different melodies.

Mark Meadows plans to enter the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead program, a remarkable experience to say the least.

The program, to which Meadows seeks to gain entry, is an international residency, performance, and competition located at the John F. Kennedy center for the performing arts. As far as Blue House is concerned, Meadows has already gained entry. The performer’s skill is apparent to even the most basic of music aficionados. Further, his stage presence is true to form—he carries himself with as much confidence off set as he does in his musical performance on set. Mark Meadows has crafted his art over time and through time his talent will remain. Once a jazz love, always a jazz lover, and for Mark, the love is all he needs.