Jazz Recording

Jazz has a unique language and legacy that is all its own. At Blue House Productions Recording Studio we believe that your project should be recorded by engineers who know, and speak, the language of jazz. Being well versed in the history of jazz helps us to create the recording you desire. From knowing what the “head” or “turnaround” is, to actually knowing the chord changes, we feel this is the very least you should expect from an audio engineer.

At Blue House Recording Studios we are avid players and listeners of jazz. From the classic labels such as Blue Note, Verve and Prestige to the contemporary ones like ECM, GRP, DMP… We have more than a passing acquaintance with the sound and recording techniques of these great studios. We are happy to work with you in either an ensemble, all in the same room recording, or with complete separation for total isolation of any instrument or vocal.

We have two world class pianos that have been lauded by jazz musicians with critical acclaim. To capture the authentic sound of your sax, trumpet, trombone, or electric guitar, we have an incredible collection of ribbon microphones that will do the trick. From the largest big band all the way to solo piano and guitar, Blue House Productions brings experience and award winning jazz sound you won’t find anywhere else in Maryland, DC, or Virginia.

Did you Know?

Albums recorded at Blue House have received 4 stars in Down Beat. “The Fab Trio” album has been reviewed by Jazz Times Magazine as one of the greatest piano trio recordings ever.

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