Music Studio in Maryland

Professional and local bands and musicians are welcome to check out Blue House Productions, the top music studio in Maryland. Not just for artists in Maryland, Blue House Productions covers all artists in the surrounding areas including Washington,DC and Virginia. Blue House Productions even works with national acts. Whatever your studio needs may be, Blue House Productions can almost certainly handle it.

If you’re looking for a music studio in Maryland, you have found the right source. Not only does Blue House Productions cover all aspects of the recording process in the studio, but they also cover the video recording process for shows, concerts, and other live events, as well as duplication and mass distribution services.

Blue House Productions have two fully-equipped physical studios, as well as a mobile studio, to ensure that all recording needs can be satisfied. The music genres that can be recorded are practically limitless and include rock, pop, piano, jazz, orchestra, Jewish, classical, opera, gospel, instrumental, folk, children, blues, and more.

Each studio utilizes top of the line keyboards, pianos, and organs for convenience.


Kensington Studio

The Kensington Studio is located in Kensington, Maryland, and it is fully equipped with ProTools HD3 systems, superb microphones, preamps, and studio instruments. No matter if you’re an individual musician or a full-fledged orchestra, the Kensington music studio in Maryland can fit your every need.

Silver Springs Studio

The Silver Springs Studio is located in Silver Spring, Maryland, and like the Kensington Studio, it is also equipped with ProTools HD3 systems, superb microphones, preamps, and studio instruments.

Mobile Studio

Can’t make it to one of the Blue House Production studios? They can come to you. The Blue House Production mobile studio in Maryland is equipped with everything you need including 48 discreet channels of audio recording, 8 cameras of superb HD video recording, and the same microphones and preamps for live recording as they use in the on-site studios.

Voiceover recording

Corporate videos and explainer videos are great marketing tools for companies. Blue House Productions utilizes the studios to record any voiceovers and effects that need to be added to such videos.

School recording

School events are one of the benefits of the Blue House Productions music studio in Maryland. This is perfect for any school event, whether it’s a theater play, sports event, musical performance, or a formal event such as a graduation or prom. Not only can Blue House Productions record the event, but can also provide the school with copies of professionally-made DVDs and CDs of the event.

Music studio in Maryland and surrounding areas

Blue House Productions covers the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia area, although some clients do come from even further away to take advantage of the high-quality, professional recording services of the studio.

Contact Blue House Productions now to see if they are the right music studio in Maryland to meet your studio recording needs.