Washington, DC Recording Studio

Blue House Productions

Blue House Productions is a recording studio that serves the Washington, DC area. They are consistently favored by local musicians, bands, and artists from DC. Blue House Productions has two physical recording studios, and a mobile studio that can come to you, making it the most flexible DC recording studio around.

Some of the services provided by the DC recording studio include video production, concert photography, live event recording, audition videos, duplication and mass production, and much more.


Live event recording

When it comes to concert and live event recording, the professionals from the Blue House Productions DC recording studio are on top of it. Using top of the line, professional equipment, live event videos are recorded in the highest quality. The videos can then be transferred to DVDs or stored and shared digitally.


Blue House Productions studios

Blue House Productions have two fully-equipped physical studios, as well as a mobile studio, to ensure that all recording needs can be satisfied. The music genres that can be recorded are practically limitless and include rock, pop, piano, jazz, orchestra, Jewish, classical, opera, gospel, instrumental, folk, children, blues, and more.

The two studios are located at Kensington, Maryland, and Silver Spring, Maryland. These studios are fully equipped with all necessary equipment, and there are many different genres that currently use the recording studios for their recording needs, including rock, pop, piano, jazz, orchestra, Jewish, classical, opera, gospel, instrumental, folk, children, blues, and more.


Corporate videos

Animation and voice over additions are critical to the success of corporate videos. When you need to show statistics or get your point across for a B2B video, product or service video, explainer video, training video, safety video, or other types of corporate videos, Blue House Productions has the team you need to handle all aspects of the recording and editing process.


Audition videos

Aspiring actors should have an audition video, especially if they don’t have a portfolio of previous acting work on the big screen. Blue House Productions works with actors to create the perfect video which can help you win the next audition you apply for.


DC recording studio

If you’re an independent artist, musician, or band, Blue House Productions is the perfect DC recording studio that can meet all of your recording needs. Many well-known musicians including the Pan American Symphony Orchestra, Seth Kibel, Mark Prince, Lena Seikaly, and more have utilized the services of the Blue House productions DC recording studio.

Contact Blue House Productions now to determine if they are the right choice to handle your next recording.