Dupont Brass

Dupont Brass at Blue House Productions

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Dupont Brass is an upbeat, groovy group of twelve, that can certainly rock.

The dynamic team commands the attention of the Blue House productions audience with an earnest, genuine soul.
Apt and armed with gleaming glimmering gold, the band sways to the beat of their own proverbial drum.

Locked and loaded with a profound and thorough faith in their group’s rhythm, the gang vibes out with a charm that is unique to this contemporary, hip band.
Hailing from all across the US, the Dupont Brass band members truly embrace the body and depths of each of their instruments with a bold and genuine gusto to which even the gods could harken.

Listening to their sound, one can instantly sense the devotion and passion that garners the eclectic group’s art form. This powerhouse group is soon to release a new album of their work entitled Crewsin: Sounds of the City.

The upcoming album is anticipated after the release of their exquisite Christmas record, Dupont Brass: Christmastime Is Here.

The artistry each affiliate brings to the table is clearly apparent.  The group immaculately blends the variations of talent brought by each individual in an acroamatic way.
Having recently recorded three songs in the Blue House studio, the brass band began to stretch their musical limits with a fresh funk to the Kanye West flow, We Major.

Unpredictable by Jamie Foxx feat. Ludacris, and Corrine Bailey Rae‘s, Like A Star were also recorded.  Once the harmonies and tunes started bumping, the sound became infectious and the moves began coming out… The crew are soon to take their sound to a visual level with an upcoming promotional video as well as they continue to perfect their craft.

Be sure to check out the rhythm and beats of their epic “We Major” track below and remember…

Look out for Dupont Brass on your local DC streets!