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The Importance of Video Testimonials for Businesses

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Every business has the goal to succeed and grow. It can often be difficult to gain new customers though, especially if you must lure them away from their regular brand to your brand. You can talk all day long about how great your business is, or how much better your product is than the competition’s, but this type of self-promotion …

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How to Produce Videos for Concerts in an Indoor Venue

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When setting up to record a live concert in an indoors venue, there are certain aspects that will be different from a typical video production. For instance, you usually can’t set up your own lighting, as the venue and musician/band will be using their own preferred lighting. Sometimes this can lead to a very dark environment that can have flashing …

4 of CapitalBop’s Top 5 Albums of 2015 Are Blue House Productions

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CaptialBop – D.C.’s legendary jazz appreciation organization – recently released their list of the city’s top 5 jazz releases in 2015. The best-of list features a who’s who of D.C.’s vibrant jazz scene, and many of the records are uniquely familiar to the staff at Blue House Productions. Four of CapitalBop’s top five albums were recorded, mixed, and mastered at …

Josh Nasar records Voice Overs at Blue House

Josh Nasar Records Voice Overs at Blue House

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So a comic walks into a our Blue House Productions’ recording studio in Maryland… No, this is not a pun! Josh Nasar, best known for his comedy and acting skills used our Silver Spring facilities in order to record a few Voice Overs for his show on Discovery Channel. Jeff Gruber had the honor of working hands on with Nasar …

Blue House Productions Records Tim Whalen’s New Record “Oblivion: The Music of Bud Powell”

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  Tim Whalen is a combination composer/ arranger and in-demand jazz pianist residing in the Washington DC Metro Area. His passion for jazz is evident with his most recently released album, Oblivion: The Music of Bud Powell. Jeff Gruber of Blue House Productions recorded, mixed and mastered the album in our recording studios in Silver Spring. The album features a total …

Kenny Nunn, Saxophonist

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Kenny Nunn, saxophonist, is one talented guy.  The dude is in college at Howard University attending full time while simultaneously composing and recording music for competitions like the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead program in upcoming 2015.  Let’s just say he keeps his proverbial plate full of music. After the demo tracks have been recorded at the studio, the tenor saxophonist talks …

Cello, from Blue House

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Blue House Loves the Cello. It has been said of the cello that it ‘is the instrument that most closely resembles the human voice in both terms of timbre and range.’ Out of all of the instruments in the string family, none other has such a pleasant  and workable range, and because of that, our love affair with the instrument …

Dupont Brass

Dupont Brass at Blue House Productions

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Dupont Brass is an upbeat, groovy group of twelve, that can certainly rock. The dynamic team commands the attention of the Blue House productions audience with an earnest, genuine soul. Apt and armed with gleaming glimmering gold, the band sways to the beat of their own proverbial drum. Locked and loaded with a profound and thorough faith in their group’s …

iPhone and high quality recording

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The iPhone and good intonation , Are you still looking for that excuse to get a new iPhone? Look no further than making your self a better musician. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus with the right accessories can be a wonder full high fidelity recording device. As a producer and audio engineer one of the most common things I …