Kenny Nunn, Saxophonist

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Kenny Nunn, saxophonist, is one talented guy.  The dude is in college at Howard University attending full time while simultaneously composing and recording music for competitions like the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead program in upcoming 2015.  Let’s just say he keeps his proverbial plate full of music.

After the demo tracks have been recorded at the studio, the tenor saxophonist talks of his inspirations with ease and confidence.

New York, for one– a city that has inspired many before him, was a source of musical spark for one of his compositions. The hustle and bustle of Manhattan felt overwhelming, says Kenny, and he intends to capture that feeling with his sound. Other inspirations include John Coltrane, although it is important to note that Nunn certainly brings his own unique sense of authorship to the music.  For example, his piece, “Traveler’s Song” was written during his time of late adolescence and embodies the feelings of stark independence generally felt during that age, and it sounds newer, in as new a way as jazz can sound.  As he sits in our Kensington studio, Nunn is candid in talking about his song, “And Then Came September” and explains how the title came from being mistakenly heard.  He talks of music and seems to also play it with great ease.  The soul that emits from his instrument is kind of astounding for a person of such an age. And the ballad he has written is haunting for such a young composer, it fills one with wonder and nostalgia.  Nunn is accompanied by fellow and former Howard students, Eliot Seppa on bass, Collin Chambers on piano, and Savannah Harris on drums during this particular recording session, and the group of musicians seem to mesh well musically.  Nunn even goes so far as to say that the other group members push him musically, and the overall effect makes for a swinging time.

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