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How to Optimize Videos for Social Sharing

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The power of video in today’s technology-driven culture is well-known, and web videos have become so much more than just a trend. Videos and moving images are the best form of online communication, as social networking and online video sites continue to grow to accommodate more videos as well as innovative ways to share and interact with them. For example, …

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How to Use Facebook Live in Your Video Marketing Efforts

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Have you ever been on Facebook and got a notification recently that says “X Page is Live: Video Topic?” If you have, you’ve noticed the new Facebook Live feature that was launched on April 6, 2016. As Mark Zuckerberg announced, “Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast …

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The History of Drones/Quadcopters and How They are Revolutionizing Video

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Drone technology is changing the way people can see the world as evidenced by this awesome video of the Miami shoreline. While many people think of airstrikes and military activity when the word drone is used, businesses are frequently using a different type of drone to scale video to new heights quite literally. Here’s a little background on drones and …

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The Importance of Video Testimonials for Businesses

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Every business has the goal to succeed and grow. It can often be difficult to gain new customers though, especially if you must lure them away from their regular brand to your brand. You can talk all day long about how great your business is, or how much better your product is than the competition’s, but this type of self-promotion …

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How to Produce Videos for Concerts in an Indoor Venue

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When setting up to record a live concert in an indoors venue, there are certain aspects that will be different from a typical video production. For instance, you usually can’t set up your own lighting, as the venue and musician/band will be using their own preferred lighting. Sometimes this can lead to a very dark environment that can have flashing …

Audition Recording at Sound Stage

Pre-screening Audition Video

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So you have the college of your dreams picked out and you can’t wait to receive that acceptance letter in the mail.  You picture yourself on the campus daily, and find yourself daydreaming of the dorm life you so desperately seek.  Or, you have found the institution that is meant for you, you know you belong there if only admissions …