Camera man is making video of evening concert

Types of Events You May Want to Hire a Professional Video Production Company For

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Professional video production is the best way to turn an event into stunning video content, whether you are an individual, organization, or business. For individuals and families, the cost of hiring a production company is well worth it to make sure that a video will allow you to document an important event or moment in your life. For businesses, event …

Hovering drone that takes pictures of city sights

The History of Drones/Quadcopters and How They are Revolutionizing Video

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Drone technology is changing the way people can see the world as evidenced by this awesome video of the Miami shoreline. While many people think of airstrikes and military activity when the word drone is used, businesses are frequently using a different type of drone to scale video to new heights quite literally. Here’s a little background on drones and …

Washington National Steel Orchestra records

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Washington National Steel Orchestra records at Blue House Productions Zest and spirit and spunk and funk. These are just a few of the many words one could use to describe the Washington National Steel Orchestra. The group, led by a pair of brothers, comes from the greater DC area. The instruments that make up the orchestra are as unique as …

Plagiarism Within the Industry- Discussion

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  Today, Pitchfork released a story on Hugo Boss  and the XX  pertaining to a particular instance of potential plagiarism.  The Boss brand recently used a bit of music in their new ad campaign featuring a sexy man in a pair of the Hugo’s sunglasses that sounds exactly like the XX’s “Intro” . Don’t believe us? Check out the two songs …

iPhone and high quality recording

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The iPhone and good intonation , Are you still looking for that excuse to get a new iPhone? Look no further than making your self a better musician. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus with the right accessories can be a wonder full high fidelity recording device. As a producer and audio engineer one of the most common things I …

BHP now has multiple 16chan personal audio mixers

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  Headphone mixes are the artists single most imprtant link in the recording chain at a studio.  When you have to rely on some else to make your mix it’s like letting someone drive from the passenger seat.  We have just installed 8  Powerplay m-16s at Blue House Productions recording studio in Silver Spring, Maryland.   They allow the  headphone …