Where To Go To Make It Big In Music?

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music recording studiosAre you trying to make it big in the music business? Aspiring musicians and stars know that connections and networking are critical, but it may be difficult to land in the perfect city to make it happen. Music industry experts, recording studios, and music video production companies weigh in, sharing what U.S. locations are — in their opinion — the very best.

Let’s Get The Obvious Over With (LA, New York, and Nashville)
“It should come as no surprise that the cities with the three highest concentrations of music industry jobs also have the best-paying ones. Los Angeles tops all markets in average music job earnings with 175% of the country’s average salary. Nashville is second at 156%, and New York is third at 147%,” Billboard magazine writes. Of course, industry experts remind would-be rockers and singers to think outside of the box. Nashville, for example, isn’t just about country. Gospel recording studios, indie rock studios, and even hip hop studios are also fairly common in the area, according to Travel and Leisure.

Head Out To Portland, Oregon
Slate magazine describes Portland as American’s “Indie Rock Mecca.” “Smaller venues provide excellent places for performers and audiences to really engage,” Livability reports. A surprising number of America’s 4,000 recording studios are nestled in the cozy town of Portland.

Washington, D.C.: Not Just For The President
Washington, D.C. is not just a political capital; it is also widely known for its punk rock scene, high end audio equipment, and music recording studios. Most studios in D.C., for example, offer the latest technology, and can mix or blend audio tracks to create special effects or even mask audio imperfections. The same music recording studios can also help mass produce any CDs and/or DVDs to help aspiring musicians sell as many CDs as possible — and at a relatively low cost, too.

Are you trying to make it big? Consider the small city charm of Portland, Oregon or use some of the highest quality recording equipment in the nation in Washington, D.C.